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AGP Wood is a furniture product that can be used for the interior needs of various private and commercial buildings such as houses, apartments, offices, cafes, hotels and others.

Made from wood waste, AGP Wood products are currently in demand by several countries, both on the American and European continents.

One of the AGP Wood products that are widely used by players in the interior business is 3D Wood Wall Panels.

What is 3D Wood Wall Panel?

3D Wood Wall Panel is a type of decorative wall material with a three-dimensional surface pattern and a rectangular shape made of wood. They are used as wall coverings, making the surface of the wall exposed or exposed

More details can be seen here: What is 3D Wall Panel ?

vision and mission agp wood

AGP Wood's Vision & Mission

Creating a variety of quality furniture products that can be used and relied on for interior needs by utilizing suitable wood waste products at competitive prices.

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