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How to create a comfortable workspace

How to create a comfortable workspace - agp wood panel

How to create a comfortable workspace

Comfortable Workspace | The office is a second home for an employee, a home where you are full of activities to fulfill all obligations and duties with co-workers. Therefore, it is very important for you to find comfort while working.

You need to pay attention to the layout and comfort of the office space. You don’t have to be luxurious, you don’t need to be expensive and you don’t need to be overly expensive.

You can get comfort and serenity in the office if you organize your office space in a better and more creative way.

The following are some creative ways How to create a comfortable workspace

  1. Pay attention to the position and location of your office desk.

It is better if you place the position of the office desk from the direction of the light. This will make your office space look brighter and brighter.

It will also make you feel refreshed working in a bright place, because if the office is dim, it will make you sleepy and tired quickly.

  1. Avoid Facing Walls.

In order to get a super comfortable office space, avoid arranging seats that face the wall or those that are back to the window or the sun.

If you are forced to place a work chair that is back to the window, you should put a small mirror on your office table to reflect a little light.

  1. Organize Your Files – Your Files As Neat As Possible.

For files that you consider important, you can put them on the left side of your desk. In addition, the files will be easy to reach, it can spur energy to facilitate your work performance.

  1. Pay attention to the location of the furniture.

You should not put furniture, especially the cabinet on the door. This is intended so that the door can be opened wide and it will allow people to freely enter and exit the room.

For bookshelf furniture or small cabinets, try to keep it from interfering with your view and movement.

  1. Pay attention to the computer laying

What should be considered next is to pay attention to the placement of the computer, because your work computer has a big energy on your performance.

Therefore, you should put your work computer in a position that is as comfortable as possible.

Avoid using excessive computer accessories on your work table so as not to hinder your movement in working in front of your office.

Install the necessary program applications to make work easier and get useful information for you.

  1. Beautify Your Work Desk Creatively

You can put the stationery in a flower vase or a pretty little container.

Put family photo frames or photos of your and your family’s activities that are memorable and meaningful, because this can make the arrangement look more beautiful, less monotonous and a boost to your mood at work.

  1. The importance of positioning the telephone device

Put your phone according to your habit when using your hands when calling.

Do not place the phone where it is difficult for you to reach it, as this will make it uncomfortable. Also pay attention to telephone noise levels so as not to disturb your co-workers.

  1. Pay attention to the location of the trash

Place the trash can on the bottom left of your desk the closest distance. This will make it easier for you to reach it and throw something in the trash, besides that your office will also be maintained clean.

Also pay attention to the selection of waste, both organic and non-inorganic waste. In this case, the waste is easier to recycle.

  1. Place a Plant Or Aquarium.

No matter how narrow your office space is, don’t forget to put flower pots or natural freshener plants in your workspace, such as palm trees, moon orchids, ferns, betel ivory and other plants that can purify the air around the room.

The movement of fish in the aquarium is useful for entertaining the eyes and clearing thoughts that are too late or experiencing boredom.

  1. Pay attention to room temperature.

If you want more comfort, you can use an air conditioner or a fan. Air temperature is important if you work for several hours in a closed room.

Those are the tips on how to create a comfortable workspace. Good luck.