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What is 3D Wall Panel ?

What is 3D Wall Panel - AGP Wood Wall Panel Interior

What is 3D Wall Panel ?

What is 3D Wall Panel | 3D Wall Panel is a type of decorative wall material with a three-dimensional surface pattern and a rectangular shape. They are used as wall coverings, making visible or exposed wall surfaces.

3D Wall Panels are designed for both decorative and functional use, they offer a soundproof solution, apart from providing a uniform appearance. Wall panels are built for durability and easy installation and replacement.

Although they are available in a variety of sizes, the maximum dimensions for a commercially available panel are 2,700mm x 600mm. This is intended to be easy in delivery.

Designed to eliminate the need for adding finishing materials to walls or applying paint, 3D wall panels provide a consistent appearance and reduce construction costs.

Panels are usually finished on one side only as they are often mounted on a rough surface of concrete or brick walls. 3D wall panels can also be assembled into the proper framework for use as walls. It is possible to drill holes in the 3D wall panels for installation of cables and electrical outlets.

Multipurpose panels can be made from a variety of materials to be installed in residential or commercial buildings (shopping malls, hotels, retail spaces, offices, hotels).

Advantages of 3D Wall Panels

  1. Has a variety of designs

One of the advantages of using wall panels is that they are very attractive in visual appearance and there are many variations in their designs that you can adjust to your tastes and room needs. 3D Wall panels can create a good focal point in a room and make anyone stunned to see it.

  1. Can Hide Broken Walls

By using wall panels, you can hide cracked or damaged walls behind wall panels so you don’t have to bother patching your damaged walls using cement or plaster.

In addition, you can also hide the cables for TVs and other electronic equipment so that the walls can look neat without any cables dangling from the back.

  1. Creates Good Sound and Heat Insulation

By adding a wall panel, you can get insulation to reduce outside noise. This is especially useful for those of you who live in an apartment or on the side of the main road who want to reduce noise so that it doesn’t penetrate into your home.

  1. Does not require complicated special care

Walls made of brick or gypsum board will be very difficult to repair if there is damage or defects that occur accidentally. You can prevent this condition by installing wall panels to protect your walls.

If there is a collision, the first thing that will be affected is the wall panels and you can replace them easily if they are damaged.

  1. Easy In Installation

By utilizing wall panels, you can leave your walls empty without having to bother plastering or painting them. The process of installing wall panels is very easy so you don’t need to prepare various materials and equipment just to install wall panels in your own home.

  1. Can Be Cut To Adjust The Size Of The Room

Each wall panel is factory cut and has its own size. Installing wall panels is very easy and you can cut the panels and adjust their sizes according to the size of the walls that you will attach the panels to.

Types of 3D Wall Panels

  • 3D Wood Wall Panels

Wood is one of the important components in a building. However, nowadays wood is being developed into one of the basic materials of wall panels to enhance the appearance of the walls. Accent natural lines found in wood can add aesthetic impression to the wall.

In addition, 3D wall panels made from wood also give a natural impression to the walls. This type of wallboard is usually applied to the living room, family room, work space, or the front of a building.

  • 3D Gypsum Wall Panels

Gypsum is one of the basic components of 3D wall panels with various styles. There are various types of motif choices that can be applied to gypsum as a wall panel. Some of the motifs used are horizontal and vertical line motifs, curved lines, and geometric shapes.

This type of wall panel is suitable for use in various spaces, be it at home, office, or in other places. The art results shown can add a glamorous impression to a room. This material also has the advantage of being flexible and lightweight.

  • 3D Ceramic Wall Panels

The basic material for the next wall panel is ceramic. This material is used not only as an aesthetic enhancer on tiles but also on walls. Of course, the ceramics used are not plain ceramics but patterned ceramics, such as waves and other patterns. This can add to the attractiveness of a room, especially the walls, which are generally just painted walls.

In addition, there are variations in the color choices of the wall panels. The advantage of using this ceramic-based wallboard is that it is not easily dirty and has a shiny effect.

  • 3D Fiber Wall Panel

Fiber is a 3D wall panel material that has almost the same characteristics as gypsum. Generally, fiber cement is an alternative to using gypsum. The difference between the two materials is that fiber cement has a heavier weight than gypsum but has the same thickness.

  • 3D Glass Wall Panels

3D wall panels of glass generally have a size of about 4 to 6 inches with the type of tempered or crack-proof glass. The use of this type of glass is due to its greater strength or smaller breakability than other types of glass. However, in this type of wall panel consumers cannot freely provide colors so that the combination of color gradations is limited in availability.